Let’s buy clothes that SAY something AND DO something too


Me and Moo (Gracie Lou) are both wearing our newest gear form FTLA Apparel.

As rescue advocates, we have an unlimited number of ways to make a statement, but sometimes we forget we can make more of an impact without ever even opening our mouths! Think about it; do you get a chance to speak to every person you encounter every day? I’d guess, probably not. The awesome thing is, though, that your clothes can do the talking for you!

What’s even more satisfying, at least to me, is knowing that every t-shirt and hoodie I buy is also funding causes that are the closest to my heart. So essentially, every shop I’ve mentioned in this list feeds two birds with one scone: they spread rescue messages that matter, and they give a percentage of each purchase you make back to the animals who need it most!

This little list was inspired by the beautiful work of Kimberly Fawn Panzarella from FTLA Apparel and I’m very grateful to Lisa Michelle, who recommended many of these! And no, none of these companies are sponsors, they are just doing good things in my eyes, and I wanted to drop them a bone!

1) FTLA (For The Love of Animals) Apparel, of course, is my number 1 recommendation!

Kim hand makes every adorable item in her shop and she does it “For The Love of Animals.” The tagline of her business is “Making a Literal Fashion Statement” and each sale supports causes such as the Beagle Freedom Project, The Association for the Protection of Fur-bearing Animals (FurBearer Defenders), Hounds and Heroes, Sigi’s Wildlife Rehab, and Ahimsa Haven Animal Shelter, just to name a few.

2) Iheartdogs.com

This popular website feeds shelter dogs with their t-shirts. They say that “every shirt sold feeds 7 shelter dogs” and their designs are so cute I’m sure you just won’t be able to resist… shopaholics beware!

3) Hendrick & Co.

David Hendrickson was inspired by his rescue dog (do I sense a story in there…?) to help save more animals and founded his company in 2011. Now his online store supports over 500 rescues and has donated over $750,000! There’s mostly clothing on this site, but also some jewelry and other accessories pet people will love.

4) Rescue Project 

My favorite part about this shop is that you get to choose the rescue you donate to. Rescue Project sells mostly active wear in order to stay in line with their mission “to promote animal adoption and rescue awareness through outdoor adventure and sport.” 25%-45% of their profits are donated to your favorite rescue.

5) Animal Hearted

Rescue advocate, photographer, and musician, Aaron Seminoff, founded this apparel company. This is another site that has a large selection of t-shirts to choose from, and they donate 25% of their profits to a variety of rescue organizations. What’s different about this site? This one offers custom pet tees, so you can get your pet printed on a shirt and support rescue efforts at the same time!

6) Urban Suburban Apparel

This apparel shop has the largest selection of dog clothes in this list, and that’s in addition to their massive selection of hooman wear! There are even some adorable doggie ties this photographer can’t wait to get her hands on for a future rescue session. Many of their designs are for bully breed advocates, but there is something for every kind of dog lover here. Urban Suburban donates a portion of proceeds to Fresno Bully Rescue and Unchained New York.

7) Pit Bull Gear

Allen & Connie Hudson started my favorite pro-pit bull slogan: “Ban Stupid People, Not Dogs” -couldn’t have said it better myself! That was the 1st t-shirt this couple started selling back in 2007, as a way to help put an end to BSL (breed specific legislation – or laws that discriminate against only certain breeds – basically doggie racism). Some of their t-shirts even feature art from my favorite dog artist, Dean Russo. They donate to over 30 pit bull rescues with the sales from their clothes.

8) Sevenly

This website is not just for animal lovers, it actually supports great causes of all kinds. To date, Sevenly has raised over $4.5 million to support dozens of charities! There are new campaigns bringing awareness to new causes all the time and 7% of the profits from featured products are donated back to the highlighted cause. 100% of the profits from all other products go right to one of the many charities that have partnered with the company. At the time of this post, Sevenly is supporting Gentle Barn and Save Japan Dolphins, and I’m sure there will be more great animal causes we can support in the future. Keep an eye on this site!

9) Arm the Animals

Their tagline is “Making Activism Fashionable” and their designs are beautiful and unique. They offer t-shirts for every kind of animal activist from rescue parents to wildlife lovers. They are passionate about giving back to the smaller rescues and have supported over 50 rescues since being founded in 2010.

10) The Animal Rescue Site

This is the animal section of greatergood.com, which donates to a number of great causes. The link above sends you to their clothing tab, but really this site reminds me of an online Wal-Mart that supports animals. You can buy anything from gifts to kitchen gadgets here. 3%-50% of each sale goes to their partners at The Fund for Animals, Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), and Rescue Bank.

Bonus t-shirt #11 for my favoritest cause: HeARTs Speak

Ok so it’s not an online shop full of choices, there’s only one shirt of an adorable doggie, with the cutest ears, with a camera slung around his neck. I personally own 4 of these shirts because I love the design and they are super comfy, not to mention, HeARTs Speak is simply “Artists. Helping. Animals.” That’s what I am, an artist in multiple mediums who just wants to help more animals.

Without artists who care there would be none of these cute t-shirts, and there would be no photos to promote the pets searching for homes, so help support the artists who care and buy this shirt while supplies last!

P.S. And before you ask, the answer is no. I’m not getting a dime to promote these sites, I simply believe in their missions!