0037_sean_odanielsSean O’Daniels has been a concept artist for video games and movies for most of his artistic career. And, in case any of you are wondering what exactly a concept artist is, it’s basically a designer who creates the look and feel of environments and characters in movies and games.

More recently, though, Sean’s work has evolved into something else, and his inspiration is, not surprisingly, his rescue dog, Rocky.

Before we go any further I just have to tell you that Sean’s dog art is, not only beautiful, it’s fun too! His latest series is dubbed YappyHour and features dogs next to their owner’s favorite drinks. My favorite, is this little Chihuahua next to a cosmo… it’s actually titled cosmo if you want to look for it later in Sean’s store…

But I’m getting ahead of myself, because none of this happened until Sean met Rocky…

Listen to Rocky’s rescue story by hitting play above!

Resources Mentioned in the Show:

Sean’s website is painterofpaws.com

Sean’s Instagram

This article lists the top 10 reasons dogs are surrendered to shelters

One of Sean O'Daniels' Yappy Hour paintings. This one is called "Irish Toast" See more of Sean's work in his store.

One of Sean O’Daniels’ Yappy Hour paintings. This one is called “Irish Toast” See more of Sean’s work in his store.


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