0039_deb_ozarko_icI’m so excited to introduce today’s storyteller, not only because of her fascinating, and slightly shocking story, but because she’s not afraid to follow her heart, like so many of us are, myself included.

I actually have to thank Sean Howard, from episode 13, for introducing me to the Unplug Podcast, which is produced by today’s guest. He told me all about this compassionate rescue advocate he was friends with and so I listened to his interview on the Unplug Podcast first, and then I started binge listening to all the other shows.

Looking back at my first impressions about this passionate lady, what really sticks out is how she said she’d never take on any sponsors for her show. To me, that was huge, and it made me instantly trust every word out of her mouth.

As it turned out, around the same time that I started listening to her show, she was having a really hard time with the loss of her soul-dog Jesse.

When I reached out to her about sharing her story here, it was kind of surreal to me, it was like I was talking to a future version of myself, a much kinder and more authentic me… at least the me I wish I could be.

Well as you all know, I like to start from the beginning, and, as a side note the real beginning of our recording, was too hilarious to not include somewhere in this show. So if you listen past the music at the end of this episode, you’ll hear a behind the scenes clip of our conversation about cat poop and what vegans feed their pets.

Alright! Here we go, I am thrilled to introduce you all to the passionate, purposeful, and worldchanging, Deb Ozarko. This is how Deb’s lifetime of love got started… hit play above to hear Deb’s story now!

Resources Mentioned in the Show:

Deb’s Website is at debozarko.com

Support Deb’s work on Patreon

Listen to Deb’s Unplug podcast

Read the Unplug book if you’re not afraid of truth!

Deb’s blog post about Jesse

A Few Gorgeous Photos of Deb with Jessie and Francis

Day before Ironman 2011

Jessie, Zoey, and Deb the day before Deb’s Ironman in 2011

Triathlon love

Jessie watches her mommy compete in the Triathlon

hp photosmart 720

Captain Jesse

Francis Miracle Beach 2015

Deb with Francis


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