0040-shannon_glenn_cIt’s October, and that means it’s also Pit Bull awareness month, so we’re mixing it up a little bit! Instead of our regularly scheduled Q&U episodes, I thought it would be great to bring a couple of experts onto the show to talk about some of the issues that are near and dear to my heart.

If you’re new to this show you might not know that my soul mutt is a short-haired, stocky girl with droopy jowls and a block for a head. Her head might be big, but it’s tiny when you compare it to her heart. Ever since we adopted her I’ve been rudely awakened to the stereotypes that surround dogs that look like her, and some other breeds of dogs that have been classified as quote on quote dangerous.

If you’ve ever struggled to find a place to live or an insurance company that would cover you because of your dog’s appearance or breed, this episode is going to give you resources and tactics that’ll help. There are even a few tips here that are gold for ALL dog parents… so even if you’ve never dealt with breed discrimination, I hope you’ll still listen, learn, and help to spread awareness about this issue.

I met today’s expert on Instagram, someone tagged her on an old Q&U question when I asked the rescue community what steps we could take to get rid of breed specific discrimination. That particular episode had already been recorded, but she had a ton of info on the topic, specifically on finding housing. At the time, my housing crisis was still fresh in my mind. My boyfriend and I had struggled for nearly a year to find a place that would accept our whole family, and that deal almost fell through because of the Pit Bull stereotype… I knew I wasn’t alone, and I knew this topic deserved it’s own show, and so here we are today!

Today’s expert is not only the Executive Director of My Pit Bull is Family, she’s also a burlesque dancer, a grad student, and, of course, a proud rescue momma… I’m so excited to share with you my conversation with Shannon Glenn. Hit play above to hear it now!

Resources Mentioned in the Show:

Find out more about My Pit Bull is Family at http://www.mypitbullisfamily.org/

My Pit Bull is Family on Facebook

My Pit Bull is Family on Instagram

Save-A-Bull is the rescue that Wilbur came from

Find Pit Bull friendly housing leads in your area

Here are some tips for finding housing from My Pit Bull is Family

Find out How to Write a Killer Pet Resume and get yours started today!

Download and watch The Champions documentary – P.S. it’s also on Netflix

Beyond the Myth is another documentary that Shannon mentioned – at the time of this post it’s also available on Netflix

BSL Census has an Interactive map that shows where breed specific legislation exists in the US and Canada

Pinups for Pit Bulls is one of my favorite rescue-driven calendar, check it out!

Wallace the Pit Bull is an amazingly inspiring book by Jim Gorant

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