0041_deb_gleason_icI’m super excited about today’s show not just because it’s an amazing story, but also because we’re breaking the paw barrier with this episode, that’s right, no dogs or cats in today’s story… nope, today we have a story about saving piggies!

Two weeks ago, Deb Ozarko shared her story with us, and our storyteller for today was actually her partner in crime in the puppy rescue she told us about. I also told you about her book, and one of the tear-jerkers inside, was a touching story, about a pivotal time in her partner’s life.

This woman both stunned and inspired me with her impulsive nature… I was really intrigued about how she was able to practically flip a switch and change everything about her life. It wouldn’t have shocked me if she did it for money or fame… people chase these dreams anywhere… but no, today’s guest was changing her entire life for love and love alone.

Love for herself, love for her partner, love for animals, and love for this planet.

I found out later on, that shortly after she moved on from her previous life, our storyteller also spent some time working for the International Fund for Animal Welfare and rescuing animal victims of natural, and not-so-natural, disasters all over the world.

I’m thrilled to present to you, Deb Gleason… and this is her story. Hit play above to hear it!

Resources Mentioned in the Show:

Deb’s Website is at debgleason.net

Deb is also on Twitter

Check out Deb’s Beyond Vegan program to learn the why and how behind veganism

The documentary that changed Deb’s life: Baraka Documentary

Where I got pig statistics in my narration: http://www.factoryfarmmap.org/states/ia/

An article from Farm Sanctuary about the rescue efforts


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