0043_sandra_cordero_cYa know, even though I’ve been involved in animal rescue for a few years, I feel like the rabbit hole is never ending. It’s more like a black hole than a rabbit hole, because ever since I dipped my toe into the inky blackness I got totally sucked in and I haven’t been able to climb back out… not that I want to climb back out. No, I’d rather know the truth, which is another funny thing because I used to live by that whole ignorance is bliss rule, and while that expression might still be true, ignorance is also just ignorance.

Ever since I started this podcast, I feel like I’ve been on this journey and it’s taken me places I never expected to go. I mean, I have to give you credit, because if I didn’t have anyone listening I probably wouldn’t dig nearly as deep as I do… making these podcasts propels me more than anything else has so far. And, I thank you for riding along with me as I learn and grow.

So, I was introduced to today’s guest by the Debs, and if you haven’t listened to our past two storytellers I highly recommend you check out episode 39 and episode 41. They are two of the most courageous stories I’ve had the pleasure to share on this show. They told me they had a friend who runs an animal sanctuary who’d love to share some stories on the show.

Today’s guest discovered her passion for animals with the same gateway drug I was always high on… dog love. I’m honored to introduce Sandra Cordero and this is her story… click play above to hear it now!


Sandra feeds the goats while Deb gives head scratchies – it’s like a goat spa over here!


Nina gives Deb a hug!

Resources Mentioned in the Show:

Reach out to Sandra at mequita55 at hotmail

Turkey-free Thanksgiving recipes (mostly vegetarian, but some vegan recipes) from Cookie and Kate

My favorite recipe from Cookie and Kate is this vegan butternut squash linguini!


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