0044_spooky_but_true_cThe Q: Does your pet have a 6th sense?

Happy Halloween!! Well if you’re listening to this on the day it goes out that is, if not well you’re about to regress a little bit, because this is a Halloween special and things are about to get spooky.

Back when Britany and I were making plans to do these Q&U shows together I sent her a list of possible questions I wanted to send out to you and when she told me that her favorite question was the same as mine, I got so excited, because it was my favorite question too! We wanted to know if your pets have ever done anything to make you believe in their 6th sense. We got a few intriguing answers, too.

The other thing that made me giddy about this episode, is that Britany spent some time as a paranormal investigator, so we dig into a bunch of her creepy and strange experiences with the supernatural, as well as a couple of ghost stories of my own… Some spooky stuff has been going on in our new house…

So, here we go, there’s a few minutes of behind the scenes, podcasty, technical talk in the beginning, but that’s just what happens when you try to be real… I hope you enjoy our conversation… it’s a little spooky, but all true! Hit play above to get spooked now!

Spooky Stuff Mentioned in the Show:

Britany almost made in onto Ghost Hunters Academy! It only had one season, but you can still see it here on Amazon for a few bucks if you’re interested

Ghost Hunters (Britany suggests you go back to the earlier seasons)

Ghosts Hunters International – I’ll be using this link to all the haunted places visited on the show to plan my super scary castle vacation! (it’s on Netflix & Hulu too at the time of this posting)

Dogs do get all kinds of PTSD training – here’s a resource in Florida that trains dogs on a case by case basis

The Craft – the movie about witches Britany and I love

Listen to all the Spooked podcasts by Snap Judgement – My favorite story, or at least the one I was telling you about was in the very 1st spooked show: “Spooked: The Origin” and it starts at 11:00.

This is the last Q&U episode co-hosted with Britany Felix, but you don’t have to say goodbye… you can get 100+ more episodes of Britany in your ears by downloading episodes of the Living Unconventionally podcast.

In case you missed it here is our show about compassion fatigue


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