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This is not your typical interview-style podcast, in fact, I’d say it’s more like an audio book than an internet radio show. There are no Q&A sessions to be heard, just stories, true accounts narrated in the voices of those who lived through them.

About the Storytellers

15_05_about_page_tail_wagger_dog_walk_12_09_15Over the past few years I’ve met some of the most selfless, caring, and courageous people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Before becoming enveloped in the world of animal rescue, I barely knew the meaning of the word compassion.

These are people who will truly do anything to help an animal in need; no amount of time, energy, or money will stand in their way. These are people who fight for every single life, in the best of circumstances AND the worst. These are the only people I know who can fall to their knees in despair, countless times, and never hesitate to get back up.

These are people who get no greater pleasure than to see a wagging tail heading off into the sunset, and every happy tale urges them past the failures and the loss. These are rescue people, these are my people, and this is where they share their stories.

The Mission

15_05_about_page_sarsfield_dogs_14_11_28There are animal lovers everywhere, but not all animal lovers are educated equally. Take me, for example: for the first 25 years of my life I knew nothing of what really happened in the pet industry.

I was oblivious to the horror show behind the pet shop windows. I had vaguely heard about the euthanasia of perfectly healthy pets in animal shelters, but surely these things only happened in those few backwards towns scattered across the country… not, say, less than an hour from where I live, right? Wrong.

When I learned these shocking truths, I shared what I knew with anyone who cared to talk pets with me. Friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers walking their dogs chatted with me about pet parenting, and I started to notice something else that troubled me. Some people were just as ignorant as I was, but, even worse, among those people who had not been introduced to the gratifying world of pet adoption, there seems to be a widespread misconception that shelter animals are damaged goods.

With the power of story, My Rescue Rocks aims to shatter stereotypes that give rescued pets a bad name, educate animal lovers everywhere on the injustices done to animals, share information on how we can all pitch in to save more lives, and spread the “adopt don’t shop” mentality like a virus.

About Me… Your Hostess

15_05_about_page_rebekah_nemethy_self_portraitI’ve never mastered that whole elevator speech technique, although I suppose I could get it all out if we were in a skyscraper, assuming we will make the entire trip from top to bottom…

My job titles, interests, and hobbies are vast and ever-growing, but there are three things that have lingered throughout my life:

1) An undying love for animals

2) A passion for photography

3) A need to write

I’m a pet photographer and artist who makes “art that helps rescue go round.” If you want, you can read the story of my wavy path to photography, or about how my art helps rescue. The story of how I got involved in rescue and a detailed plan of my future rescue efforts are both available on my Patreon page.

So, since I’ve already covered the basics elsewhere, I’m going to let you get to know me in an unconventional way:


10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Me


1) I’m an introvert by nature and the thought of creating this podcast invoked a fear in me you’d never believe. They wouldn’t go away, though, those persistent voices telling me to just do it! It took months… maybe even a whole year for the constant thoughts to convince me that I had do this, and that I could.

2) I’ve been a pet parent of everything from hamsters to horses, but I’ve only adopted one pet… so far.

3) I choose my wine by the art on the label, which is why Monkey Bay is my go to pinot grigio, and a pinot noir with a cartoony cat on it has become another of my favorites. I just discovered this wine with dogs on it and its sales support rescue too! Sold!

4) The first time I watched Disney’s The Fox and the Hound was also the last. It was so tragically sad, I couldn’t bear to watch it again. It might have been the first movie that ever made me cry.

5) I can do cartwheels all day long, but I can’t take three steady steps in heels.

6) “Your mom” is the funniest answer to anything anyone says. If I haven’t made fun of your mom yet, we’re probably not friends. Now you know how to make me laugh, though. 😉

7) My journalism degree taught me two things: 1) how to write a story barely anyone will ever read all the way through (or how to NOT write a story if you want anyone to read it – it’s all about perspective) and 2) never trust the news.

8) I’m cynical, (just in case you didn’t notice) even though I strive to stay positive and to have an open mind.

9) I’m the most honest person you’ll ever meet, I couldn’t tell a lie to save my life.

10) They say people who curse a lot are really honest… that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!


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