10 Places to Shop for Cute Clothes that Support Rescue

As rescue advocates, we have an unlimited number of ways to make a statement, but sometimes we forget we can make more of an impact without ever even opening our mouths! Think about it; do you get a chance to speak to every person you encounter every day? I’d guess, probably not. The awesome thing is, though, that your clothes can do the talking for you…

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Fun Rescue Books & Gifts You Can Win

I want to give you awesome rescue gifts to say thanks for supporting the My Rescue Rocks show! Here is a list of all the kewl stuff that’ll be raffled off on September 25th.

See the the giveaway gift list here ——>

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Rebekah’s Rescue Stories: The Happy Tails of 10 Foster Pets

I never believed I had what it took to be a foster mom. I'm one of those clingy girls, who falls in love on the first date, and my relationship with animals is exactly the same. After only a week of fostering Mama, she had already found her forever home, and I... I...

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