Recharge, Refresh, and Change the World with Creative Play with Melissa Dinwiddie

Welcome to the season finale of My Rescue Rocks! It’s kind of become the tradition for each season to end with a conversation, and today’s conversation is all about a powerful concept that’s totally changed my life over the past few years.

In 2010 I was working hard to establish myself as a professional photographer, I was building my portfolio, working any and all photo-related jobs from portraits to products. For most of that year it was all work and no play for me… Find out how I learned how to play again right here!


Q&U: Spooky… but True, A Halloween Special

Back when Britany and I were making plans to do these Q&U shows together I sent her a list of possible questions I wanted to send out to you and when she told me that her favorite question was the same as mine, I got so excited, because it was my favorite question too! We wanted to know if your pets have ever done anything to make you believe in their 6th sense. We got a few intriguing answers, too… Listen in now to get spooked!

To Breed Label or Not to Breed Label with Caitlin Quinn

A couple of weeks ago we learned all about how we can overcome some of the challenges Pit Bull parents face… and even though it is Pit Bull Awareness Month and I mention that particular label quite a bit in this show, Pit Bulls are not the only dogs who get stereotyped. I’ve seen more than one rental property ad that listed Rottweilers and Dobermans and even German Shepherds as banned breeds.

These dogs are thrown under the “dangerous” category, while other breeds are automatically labeled as “safe” or “friendly.” These… Listen to our conversation over here!

Impulsive Compassion and a Few Lucky Pigs with Deb Gleason

I’m super excited about today’s show not just because it’s an amazing story, but also because we’re breaking the paw barrier with this episode, that’s right, no dogs or cats in today’s story… nope, today we have a story about saving piggies!

Two weeks ago, Deb Ozarko shared her story with us, and our storyteller for today was actually her partner in crime in the… Hear this rescue story right now!

Skipping the System to Save a Few Souls with Deb Ozarko

I’m so excited to introduce today’s storyteller, not only because of her fascinating, and slightly shocking story, but because she’s not afraid to follow her heart, like so many of us are, myself included.

I actually have to thank Sean Howard, from episode 13, for introducing me to the Unplug Podcast, which is produced by today’s guest. He told me all about this compassionate rescue advocate… Listen to this amazing story now!

Q&U: Wild Animal Rescues

As animal lovers we have all had our share of meeting distressed animals in the wild. This episode shares listener wild animal rescue stories as well as a few tips about… Listen in here!

Rocky: The Life of an Artist’s Muse with Sean O’Daniels

Sean O’Daniels has been a concept artist for video games and movies for most of his artistic career. And, in case any of you are wondering what exactly a concept artist is, it’s basically a designer who creates the look and feel of environments and characters in movies and games.

More recently, though, Sean’s work has evolved into something else, and his inspiration is, not surprisingly, his rescue dog, Rocky… Listen to Rocky’s story here

Q&U: Who Trains Who? The Tricks Our Rescue Pets Taught Us

The Q: What has your rescue pet trained you to do?

We’re always talking about how important training is to any successful pet relationship… because, as I’m sure many of you know, training issues are one of the top reasons pets (at leasts dogs and cats) are surrendered to shelters.

As I’m sure you also know, training… Listen to this episode here

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