Dad’s New Date with Scott Plate

As a storyteller, and an accidental journalist, it’s easy to find stories that grab me, but they don’t always fully satisfy my curiosity. Sometimes the stories I discover were never written down, and sometimes they’re just short online posts that just fill me up with more questions than they answer. When I found Seamus’s story, though, I soon realized that… Listen to Seamus’ story right here.


Q&U: Lessons Learned from Rescue Pets

Ever since I was first initiated into the rescue community it’s been a non-stop learning experience. I’m so grateful for the many people who’ve taught me what’s going on in the world AND for all the animals I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with.

I’m really excited to share what you’ve learned from your experience in the rescue world! I’m also thrilled to… Listen to this episode now!

How Three Weiner Dogs Found a BUNdle of Love

Hi Rebekah, my name is Amy Dalton and I would like to tell you the story of my 3 rescue dachshunds. I grew up with labs and golden retrievers, but one day I got a dachshund puppy, rescued one from a gentleman living in a single-wide trailer. And that first dachshund rescue led to a second one that I got from a rescue organization, which led to a third one, that is probably the best story of all. I would like to share that story with you. So if you want more information, I’m absolutely willing to write it up, or talk with you on the phone. I enjoy your podcast, thank you.

Well I cut out some of the juicier details in this clip because I didn’t want to spoil the story… Listen to the story now!

Q&U: How to De-stress and Overcome Compassion Fatigue

The Q: What do you do to de-stress from the hectic nature of rescue work?

This is the 1st Q&U episode of season 3 and I have a little surprise for you… we have a co-host for the upcoming Q&U episodes in season 3!

If you’ve been listening for awhile, you’ll recognize… Listen now!

Miracles Come in Multiples with Joe Dwyer

That story was actually one of the inspirations that led me to create My Rescue Rocks; when I heard how one dog’s story actually changed laws that affected dogs across the US, I realized just how powerful stories could be.

Have you ever heard of Daniel: The Miracle Beagle? If not, you still may have heard his infamous story of survival, and you might already know how he escaped an Alabama shelter to… Listen to the story here.

Digging into the Dog Industry with Kim Kavin

I found today’s guest, Kim Kavin, with a simple search at my local library. I searched “rescue dog” and a book popped up with the most adorable face on the cover. He had floppy ears, big brown eyes, and he was the same bluish brindle color that always fascinated me about my own dog. I checked out Little Boy Blue right away, and I knew, well before I had finished reading, that I would be getting in touch with Blue’s mom… Listen in to our conversation

Q&U: Foster Failure Stories

It’s the most joyful failure of all, and I know I’m not the only rescue chick that’s proud to have that failure under my belt!

It’s not uncommon to fall in love when you bring an animal into your life. Sometimes we fall fast, other times it takes a little longer, but the only thing I’m sure about is that you can’t control love. Love happens with or without your consent… Listen in now to hear our love stories!

Grooming for Love with Shay Roda

I met today’s guest when I first got involved with Pets Alive. Everyone was always praising this volunteer groomer who worked wonders on the dogs and I had to find out more. She was like this mystical creature to me, because, unlike most of the volunteers there, her work was… Listen to Shay’s awesome story now…

Q&U: Rescue Role Models

The Q: Who is your rescue role model?

It can be anyone from a compassionate volunteer to a celebrity animal advocate.

I was excited to ask this question, but I was even more excited when the answers started rolling in. I knew you are all great people doing wonderful things for animals, but it’s so nice to find out how supportive you are of each other!

It was a pleasure to read your stories and share your favorite rescue advocates in this episode! Listen in now!

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