Do You Have a Rescue Story?

15_05_submit_page_kbr_pups_15_05_02Do you have an adopted pet with an amazing story? Are you an animal advocate with a story to tell? I’d love to share your personal stories relating to pet or animal rescue on a future episode of My Rescue Rocks!

You can submit your story by leaving me a voice message, or you can write to me, whatever is most comfortable for you!

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Voicemail Submissions:

You have 90 seconds to record the Twitter version of your story. If it sounds like a good match for My Rescue Rocks I’ll be in touch to schedule a chat!

Written Submissions:

If you are interested in being a guest on the show, send me a short synopsis of what went down and I’ll be in touch soon!

I understand that not everyone is comfortable speaking, so every once in awhile I will narrate your rescue stories for you. If you are a strong writer, this could be an option for you.

If you prefer for me to read your story, please submit your final draft here instead. ***I will only accept narrative style, edited stories – please read the submission guidelines for your best shot at getting featured.***

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