Submission Guidelines for Rescue Stories


 I would prefer your story to be written as narratively as possible. You have a better chance of getting featured if you include the following:


Vivid Descriptions

Set the scene with your senses, I want to see, hear, smell, touch, and taste your story – obviously you won’t use all of these at once but really put me in the story any way you can.


This is a narrative essay from memory, so it’s totally ok to paraphrase as long as the idea presented is truthful.

Your Voice

Seriously, I want to get a sense of your personality – when you’re done writing, read it out loud to see if what you’re saying would actually come out of your mouth. If not, edit it and try again.

A Photo

Listeners/readers will want to see the star furball of the story! This isn’t a requirement, but it’ll give you bonus points =D. Let me know if you have any photos to submit with your story.


Here’s a great example of narrative writing:

“That Beautiful Moment”


A few more things to keep in mind:

  • Your story must be unpublished elsewhere online. Even though this is a submission for use in a podcast, the transcript of the story may be used on the show notes page, so please send only original content. Duplicate content across the internet is a big Google no-no.
  • Please edit your story before submitting it. I like to let my writing sit for a day or two; it helps to detach me from it so that I can edit with a fresh mind. When I return to my story I always find errors I might have overlooked otherwise. I want to see your best work!

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